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Zarko Krantic (Dj Talisman aka Poke) - was born in 1986, Belgrade, Serbia.In the early childhood, he shows interest into music, at the age of 7 he picks up a guitar and enrolls primary "School of Music".  In the year of 1995 he starts listening to electronic music, and shortly after he starts making the same.After finishing his primary school, he enrolls "High School of Music" and in the 2002 meets Dj SUN and starts working with "Technokratia".That same year he makes his own project and organization "Avala Sunrise". After DJ-ing on many partys, in the 2004 he joins organization "Emulator".He has also performed at events like "Exit Festival (2005 Happy Novi Sad stage, and 2007 After party)"

2010 together with Dj Nesh aka Dash creates project "Dat A Processors".

Nebojsa Petrovic (Nesh aka Dash) - was born in 1985, Belgrade, Serbia.

He enters the world of electronic music with the apperance of Prodigy, shortly after he starts making his own sound, and begins his first project as well as first album called "Sound Galaxy". By the end of 2003, with two friends, he starts a project "Entelehia" and goes into DJ-ing. With this new experience he continues from there as Nesh (and Entelehia gets new member and establishes a new organization "O.M. Community" with who he is still cooperating).

After that, he starts training for sound technition on "Radio Novosti" where he spends many nights learning about equipment and music (of all genres).

After finishing high school, he gets employed at one of five national radio stations, "Radio Fokus", as a sound technician. Few years later, he gets promoted into Head of department for equipment and production, now he is working for few more radio stations making commercials, jingles and other sound effect.

2010 together with Dj Talisman aka Poke creates project "Dat A Processors".

Dat A Processors (D.A.P) created in 2010 on the way Gracac-Beograd, Serbia.

Dash and Poke met in high school and became best friends and worst enemies!

Fighting almost everyday about different aspects of music, only to realize years later that they have been talking about the same thing.

So they joined their equipment, knowledge and everything they had and created Dat A Processors!

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Tematika 2: Beyond the theme

Dash and Poke-Dew in the Dawn by Housefly Records