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Eggchan grew up playing in and listening to 'guitar' bands so his influences come from that side of music rather than 'electronic' music. 

Until recently his main musical project was a country/punk band called The Hectics which he played electric guitar & Banjo. he is still involved with a recording project called the Gunja Brothers, which is a reggae/hip hop/joke band with his mates, releasing an
album on permanent damage records late 2010.

In 2007 he started to immerse himself in d'n'b production techniques, without ever writing any songs. but he heard the rumblings about
Dubstep and thought it sounded like something He'd be into, but avoided listening to anything until 2009 when he heard a Benga tune...

He says his production 'style' is probably closer to William Burroughs cut up technique rather than the modern synth/midi based production
standard.  he is drawn to music that hazes the line between melody/beauty & chaos, so when  writing music he tends to do everything different

His hope is that it results in music that is as much a surprise to him as anyone else who may listen. 

Eggchan- insidious E..P  Available now....

Dog Complex -Eggchan by Housefly Records