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I first got started in late 2005/early 2006 when a friend introduced me to an age-old copy of Cubase. From the get go, I was fascinated and it hasn't let up from that day forward. These early roots introduced me to the basic use of a DAW, familiarity with basic VSTs and the insatiable want to produce, edit, mix, mash, create and inappropriately interfere with sound in any way I could.


After about a year I moved from Cubase onto the, then just released, Propellerheads Reason 4.0. Now in its fifth release, its still my DAW of choice to this day and i've grown a four year familiarity and love for it. After creating a bunch of chiptune pop, I started to branch out into electro/electro house territory and from keeping up with tutorials on, eventually into dubstep.

I consider my current sound to be defined by tracks i've made from Backlash onward, although i'm always scouring that back-catalogue of project files for hidden gems :) I'm about to start a Sound Production course in September and I should be able to play live by the end of the year. 2011 is going to motherfucking rock!

Rolling Blackouts-Mizuki's Last Chance by Housefly Records



Great big thank you's go out to seanCORE of CORE Industries for the album artwork, Numberjack and his crew over at Housefly Records for making this release happen, songmaster Dr.Deimos for his epic Backlash remix, my good friend Chris Pearce for letting me use his car stereo for test mixdowns and of course YOU! Thats right you specifically, not all the other fans, YOU. You lovely bastard you. Enjoy the EP and stay tuned :)- MLC