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MKL is a Dubstep/Breakbeat producer and DJ based in Manchester; although he grew up in the Lake District in North West England.

Taking an interest in music from an early age, MKL began learning to play the drums in 2001 and throughout his teenage years he played in numerous bands varying in genre from punk through to big-band swing and jazz; here he gained a wealth of experience not only writing and arranging songs but also performing live in a multitude of different band line-ups and venues. It was not until the age of sixteen that MKL took an interest in any form of electronica.

A desire to make music more than simply a hobby pushed him into studying music at the University of Salford (2008 – 2011), which is also the reason he relocated to Manchester. It was at this time that his fairly recent love for electronic music manifested itself in a desire to leave behind the band scene and go it alone in the world of production. The idea of having complete control of song writing, arrangement and instrumentation was a new and very attractive one to the budding musician as time spent playing as a drummer in bands meant that, even though he did occasionally contribute directly to the writing of melodic and harmonic material, for the most part everyone would cover their own role and songs came together as the result of interaction within the group.

Drawing inspiration from house music and deep house artists such as Metro Area, as well as music  from more ambient producers such as Bonobo and RJD2, and of course all the best Dubstep around; MKL tries to bring more of a harmonic and melodic focus to Dubstep music. The combination of memorable melodic motifs and harmonic progressions with ambient breakdowns and filthy bass sounds results in a style of Dubstep which not only works in a live environment but is just as satisfying and fulfilling to listen to out of that setting.

Blue Magic Available to Download


Beyond-MKL by Housefly Records