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N I B....(neil foreman)

From Merseyside Started making music seriously back in the 80's in numerous Punk, Rock, Funk bands mainly for the buzz of gettin down (and the beer).
It wasnt until the mid 80's He started making Electronic music using Hardware to create and sequence sounds from Analouge Sythesisers,using an old reel 2 reel to record and bounce down the tracks....arrrr the hiss!....

Around the late 80s/90S he started making Techno/Rave using an Atari ST running cubase to sequence a Roland D-10 and a Cheeta 2meg sampler through a 4 channel desk into a tape deck. Got a few gigs but it was a pain shifting all the gear about.
Since then i came across the PC and havent stopped fiddling. His tastes in music run accross the whole spectrum, His appreciation of good production on any track led him naturally to drum and bass where production is king..

Now pushed by his son ZAK..N.I.B's first release on HOUSEFLY RECORDS is finally here
Shed sounds available for free download