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An Interview With NineBall

Name: László Budai (Nineball)
Date of Birth: 17/8/1974
Occupation: billiards instructor
Free-time occupation: skateboarding

DG: How long have you been engaged in music?
N: I have been mixing for 14 years now but I have also been producing music in the last 2 years.
DG: What impacts and impressions did you get in the beginning?
N: When I began djing, you couldn't hear much bass here. At that time, I listened to Global Underground releases which were trance music tracks. Then, one day, while walking in to a tattoo shop,
beats sound unfamiliar assailed my ears. From that moment, there was no turning back, only the bass.
DG: Is there anyone particular, personally or from afar, who inspires you? Musician, dj, etc? Anyone whose work you keep a close eye at?
N: I pay attention to Everyone I feel catchy.
DG: What do you feel captivating in music and beats? What do you consider to be catchy concerning artists you or others can look up to?
N: If it is about music, depth and oscillations fill me in with life. The atmosphere, as my interior organs are shivering, charges me spiritually to the max and brings out my real feelings from the
depths of my soul and body. I love the breaks and the way they tumble me back and forth emotionally. Despite their variety, they are monotonous, therefore the whole is a complex construction of a bit of everything.

I have no ideals or role models. I have no favourite artists, as I like everyone and I do not want to hurt anyone, so everyone is a favourite. However, bass is the biggest and all-time
favourite for me, or to be more precise, my main interest is Music.
DG: What are your most memorable moments in connection with music? Any parties you hosted?
N: The parties I hosted with High Contrast from Hospital Records, skc, Munk, Falkon or Longman. Actually, I have never played at bigger parties yet, but I mixed at more than a hundred smaller
underground clubs and places.
DG: What would you like to achieve? How do you see your way in the future? What hopes do you have?
N: The path is pre-written, you just have to work well to windward sometimes, too. My purpose in life - as everyone else's - is to get recognition as a musician in the field I am creating and
working. In point of fact, I am a many-sided person and a more general aim for me is to reveal love to everyone who deserves it and get people understand and love each other.
DG: In what areas would you like to improve?
N: Foreign languages, music, attitude, the way of seeing and looking at things.
DG: What type of other activities do you do besides creating music?
N: Skateboarding and cue sports are a huge part of my life. I have been skateboarding since I was 13 years old. While being active as a billiards player, the following accomplishments I got: two-
time national champion, five time team champion, two-time Bacardi Open winner and 10 smaller tournament wins.

Interview written by DappleGeisha