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Rolla gee- Uk

Back in the year of 1985 I became a fan of a musician his name was  Jean Michel Jarre. This man dominated big citys with his lazer shows and what that man could do with a Synthesizer was pure genius it was this man who inspired me to make Electronic Music.

Since the dawn of jungle mania I have followed Drum and Bass and in 1995 after school I would use the studio room to experiment on keyboards and drum kits. . It was here I discovered my Talents and the realisation  that drum and bass is life. . and life is drum and bass

At 20 years old I went to Hurricane Music Studios and took a course in Sound technology and Music Production. . It was around this time I started playing with cubase I was only novice at the time but many hours of practice left me with the same feeling that my stays after school had. . .


Now after many years I produce great music and also master tunes for  Housefly Records and other producers.

I am a master of my own music production and from now till the end I will surf the musical soundwaves for all eternity


Rolla gee - Tech Specs


Erosion by Housefly Records