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for me, music is an ongoing experiment, one where more questions arise as time goes on. like the scientist's proverb which says 'the more we know, the more we find out how little we know.' that's o.k with me, i hope i never get to the end of questions

these pieces represent that path of inquiry, the challenge i have faced has been to focus on the path, the process, while letting the final product almost create itself. 

my background is in the visual arts, painting mostly, and i have been amazed how much the two media have in common, my approach to both is very similar: first, i start, bringing together elements these please me, striving to stay in that moment of creation and push out all outside thoughts, then i let the piece rest for a time before listening. i try to edit these takes as little as possible, preferring to retake the whole piece again to editing after the fact

I've almost given up pushing for completion, often feeling as though these atmospheres of sound don't need a final reconciliation, that they could go on without me.

in the same way, this text cant really sum up all my intentions, hopefully it gives an idea of them, but i have no proper way to conclude

thank you so much for listening...

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Unified taster-simmerdown by Housefly Records

simmerdown-Ignorance is Bliss


ten pm july first two thousand ten from simmerdown on Vimeo.