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The NumberJack- U.K

I was born in 1977 with a love for music in Suffolk, England. This was honed in my teens years... by the end of happy Hardcore, the beginnings of Drum 'n' bass / Jungle and the rise of Metal in it's purest form.

Everything from Soul, Punk, Electro through to black metal all capturing my imagination and made me musically who I am today. I am influenced by the widest range of styles so I now feel a little uncomfortable pinning myself down to a genre. So I guess I'll leave that to everyone else as I like to move around genre from time to time...

One day in '04 I found a blog entry about downloading multi tracks and remixing them from N.I.N web sites... and that was it for me. With the help of audacity and some free loops I started producing remixes. Since then I have tried a wide range of software self teaching all the way and I'm liking reason  at the moment. I now find myself confident in sharing my visions with the world.

Misappropriation by NumberJack

I decided to push on wards with my own label with the help of friend rollagee....

onwards and upwards