Wizla A.k.a Sam Ross discovered his musical talent when first picking up a guitar in 2005 & found it very easy to learn all the basics. He eventually started to get more into electronic music, watching His friends mix all sorts from house to hip hop on their decks. When they started mixing drum & bass he heard it and instantly loved it, and decided to download Virtual DJ and started mixing on his pc, which helped him learn the basics before moving onto CD decks. This he also picked up very quickly so he decided to buy his own set of decks and start mixing and within a couple of months he found himself playing at dnb nights that his friends were putting on. Ever since then he has listened to dnb non stop and always thought that he would be good at creating tracks.





This pushed him to decide to take up a course in Music Technology at Canterbury College. Since then he has  been progressing quickly, and with help from other producers, dj's and tutors at college, he has honed his skills enough to earn himself a release. With this EP release at House Fly Records, and possible releases on Logic Recordings & Peng Audio, the future is looking bright!



wizla - swamp style is a dark look into drum and bass/jungle/jumpup. . . it  takes you on a journey to the twisted swamp dance floor in wizla's head  

District 9-wizla-future-dnb.com best of 2010 by Housefly Records

Wizla-Swamp Style...Download it Now


Wizla-Swamp Style...Download it Now